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Sleep Disorder Treatment

A sleep disorder can affect every area of your life. If you suspect you suffer from a sleep disorder, you should visit a specialist for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible to lower your risk of health issues and complications caused by lack of sleep. At SoCal Breathe Free Sinus & Allergy Centers, we have a team of board-certified physicians who specialize in diagnosing, evaluating, and treating all types of sleep disorders in Burbank & San Diego, CA.

Effective Sleep Disorder Treatment in Burbank & San Diego, CA

What Is a Sleep Disorder?

A sleep disorder is any physical, mental, or emotional condition that affects the amount, quality, and timing of your sleep. There are many different categories and types of sleep disorders, so it is important to determine the underlying cause or causes of your sleep disorder to recommend effective treatments. When a sleep disorder is untreated, it can cause significant stress and strain on your physical and mental health and affect your relationships with friends and family and your ability to do your job. In order to be diagnosed with a sleep disorder, the disorder must affect:

  • Your quality of sleep.
  • When you are able to fall asleep and how long you can stay asleep.
  • The amount of sleep you get.

What Are the Major Categories of Sleep Disorders?

Sleep disorders are classified into different categories based on what is causing the sleep disorder and how it is affecting your life. Our physicians will work closely with you to determine what category of sleep disorder you have so that we can offer the most effective treatment options:

  • Insomnia – Insomnia is one of the most common categories of sleep disorders. You might have insomnia if you regularly have trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep.
  • Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders – A sleep-related breathing disorder can affect your ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, or maintain a good quality of sleep.
  • Central Disorders of Hypersomnolence – You may have this category of sleep disorder if you have trouble maintaining wakefulness or alertness during the day.
  • Circadian Rhythm Sleep-Wake Disorders – This category indicates a problem with your biological clock that makes it difficult to fall asleep and/or wake up on time.
  • Parasomnias – This category includes physical or verbal expressions that occur during sleep, like sleepwalking, sleep talking, or sleep eating.
  • Sleep-Related Movement Disorders – You may have this category of sleep disorder if you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep due to physical movements of your body, like restless leg syndrome.

What Are the Types of Sleep Disorders?

Sleep disorders have been sorted into over 80 different types based on the category of sleep disorder, the cause, how long it has affected you, other symptoms that occur alongside it, and how it affects your life. The most common types of sleep disorders are:

  • Chronic Insomnia – You may have chronic insomnia if you have difficulty falling asleep and/or staying asleep for the majority of your nights for at least three months.
  • Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome – You may have delayed sleep phase syndrome if it takes you two or more hours to fall asleep and you have trouble waking up the next day.
  • Narcolepsy – You may have narcolepsy if your body cannot regulate when you fall asleep, how long you sleep, or how long you stay awake.
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea – You may have obstructive sleep apnea if something prevents you from breathing properly throughout the night and you regularly stop breathing, disrupting your sleep.
  • REM Sleep Behavior Disorder – You may have REM sleep behavior disorder if you act out your dreams verbally and/or physically while in the REM stage of sleep.
  • Restless Legs Syndrome – You may have restless legs syndrome if your legs feel restless and you feel you need to keep moving them when you’re lying in bed trying to sleep.
  • Shift Work Sleep Disorder – You may have shift work sleep disorder if your work schedule makes it hard for you to fall asleep on time or wake up on time.

Sleeping Disorder Symptoms & Causes

There are many symptoms associated with sleep disorders as well as several potential causes. At SoCal Breathe Free Sinus and Allergy Centers, we can help you identify the root cause of your sleep disorder and address the associated symptoms.

The most common symptoms of sleep disorders are an inability to fall asleep or stay asleep and physical and mental side effects associated with lack of sleep. You should visit us for a sleep disorder diagnosis if you:

  • Regularly cannot fall asleep within 30 minutes of trying to go to sleep.
  • Have difficulty sleeping through the night.
  • Have trouble falling back asleep when you have been woken up in the night.
  • Experience snoring, choking, or gasping for air while sleeping.
  • Have uncontrolled movements while sleeping or trying to fall asleep.
  • Feel like you can’t move when you wake up.
  • Have extreme fatigue, disorientation, memory problems, trouble concentrating, headaches, stomach problems, and mood swings.
  • Take frequent naps or fall asleep when you don’t want to.
  • Are having trouble maintaining relationships or your work performance is suffering.

Many different physical, mental, emotional, biological, and environmental factors can contribute to or cause a sleep disorder. The most common causes of sleep disorders are:

  • Medical condition or illness that affects sleep.
  • Mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, or mania.
  • Medication side effects.
  • Non-traditional work schedules.
  • Substance overuse disorder.
  • Overuse of caffeine.
  • Chemical or hormone imbalances.
  • Environmental issues like light, noise, temperature, or an uncomfortable sleeping environment.

How Is a Sleep Disorder Diagnosed?

In order to diagnose you with a sleep disorder, we will complete a physical examination, go over your medical history, discuss the medications you take, evaluate your lifestyle habits, discuss your sleep environment and sleep routine, evaluate your sleep environment, and discuss your home and work life. We may take blood tests to assess you for an underlying health condition. We may also ask you to keep a sleep diary to record information that could help us determine the underlying cause of your sleep issues. We may also refer you to a sleep laboratory for a sleep study.

Our Sleep Disorders Treatment Options

Your sleep disorder treatment will depend on the underlying cause of your condition, your age and overall health, any comorbid conditions or symptoms you are experiencing, and your lifestyle and routine. The most effective sleep disorder treatments are:

  • Lifestyle modification.
  • Changes to sleep routine or sleep environment.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Medications.
  • Sleep apnea treatment.
  • Light therapy.
  • Snoring treatment.
  • Treatment of underlying health issues.
  • Stress and anxiety medication or management techniques.
  • Weight loss.
  • Substance overuse treatment.

Why Choose SoCal Breathe Free Sinus & Allergy Centers

At SoCal Breathe Free Sinus & Allergy Centers, our mission is to create a welcoming environment where patients feel comfortable getting the treatment they need. We specialize in diagnosing, evaluating, and treating ear disorders, nasal problems, and throat disorders. Our friendly and professional team includes board-certified physicians with years of experience committed to quality patient care, preventive care and education, and finding solutions for each patient’s unique needs and goals. We offer the best ENT care in Southern California and have established ourselves as the leader in our industry due to our dedication to patient-centered care and holistic healthcare solutions.

Schedule a Consultation for Sleep Disorder Treatment

Don’t suffer through one more night of a sleep disorder. Contact us SoCal Breathe Free Sinus & Allergy Centers to schedule a consultation for sleep disorder treatment in Burbank & San Diego, CA. Our team of empathetic, experienced physicians will evaluate your symptoms, overall health, lifestyle, and sleep habits to determine the underlying cause of your sleep issues. We can then create a personalized treatment plan that helps you get consistently good sleep and improves your overall health and wellness.

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