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Take Back Control of Your Sinuses and Breathe Free Again!

Sinus problems can put a damper on your life. Sinusitis symptoms cause ailments like congestion and headaches and even impact our mental health by making it difficult to do everything from daily tasks to having fun with friends or enjoying an evening out in beautiful Southern California. SoCal Breathe Free is here to help you feel relief and take back control of your life, and then you will enjoy better days ahead without fear of sinusitis stopping you from living your best life.

Sinus Infection Treatments in Burbank, CA

What Causes Sinus Infections

A sinus infection is a bacterial or viral infection in the sinuses. The sinuses are hollow spaces within the bones of the skull. They fill with liquid and help warm and humidify the air we breathe. Allergies, colds, and influenza can cause sinus infections.

Left untreated, sinus infections can turn into serious issues. So when you suffer from one of the following symptoms, be sure to schedule an appointment with your ENT doctor so they can determine if it’s also a sign of sinusitis and help treat it appropriately.


Symptoms you experience can be unique to you and may be impacted by allergies, colds, infections, or viruses. Your symptoms could vary depending on whether your infection is in the sinuses, nose, and throat area. This means it is essential to seek treatment from a professional who specializes in ENT issues- an Ear Nose Throat doctor (ENT). SoCal Breathe Free is a clinic specializing in sinusitis treatment. SoCal Breathe Free professionals have the knowledge, skills, compassion, and experience to collaboratively diagnose your symptoms and treat your sinus infection uniquely for you.

  • Postnasal Drip – Mucus running from the back of the nose into the throat.
  • Nasal Discharge – Green or yellow mucus draining from the nose.
  • Congestion – Swollen nasal passages that make it hard to breathe and cause a stuffy nose.
  • Fatigue – Being tired due to not sleeping well because of sinus pain and congestion.
  • Facial Pain – Headaches and pain around the eyes, nose, jaw, and teeth.
  • Swelling – Painful or sensitive inflammation around the top of the nose or between the eyes.
  • Other Symptoms – Other symptoms like coughing, fever, or bad breath.
Are you suffering from sinus issues? Have you been suffering so long they are just another fact of life? There is a way to identify the source of the issue. Take our assessment, and see what might be the root of your daily discomfort.

Managing Sinus Infection Symptoms

The first step to managing symptoms is typically taking a prescription or over-the-counter medication or home remedies such as:

  • Decongestants to reduce swelling of the sinus lining
  • Nasal and systemic steroids to reduce chronic inflammation
  • Mucolytics to help reduce thickened nasal secretions
  • Irrigation to cleanse sinuses

The Cycle of Medication and Home Remedies

If you are struggling with sinusitis, you may need more than one round of medication each year to control symptoms. The use of a neti pot or decongestant can become part of your daily routine to manage specific symptoms. In addition, do you avoid activities that trigger your condition during spring and fall, then do you find that nothing is working no matter which approach is taken.

If the medication routine isn’t working- balloon dilation might be the best option for you! This minimally invasive office procedure reshapes your sinus anatomy, so drainage pathways open up again without surgery.

Sinus Infection Treatment in Burbank, CA

Balloon Sinuplasty: A Successful Patient-Friendly Alternative to Surgery

Balloon sinus dilation is a procedure conducted in a medical office using local anesthesia, which provides immediate and enduring relief—the skilled team at Socal Breathe Free, led by Dr. Hershcovitch and Schalch Lepe will reshape your sinus passages by gently inflating a tiny balloon at strategic locations within the nose and sinuses. This process effectively restores proper drainage.

SoCal Breathe Free Can Provide You With a Custom Sinus Infection Treatment Plan

Dr. Hershcovitch and Dr. Schalch Lepe, along with the Socal Breathe Free care team, specialize in assessing sinus infections and creating personalized treatment plans for each patient. They prioritize listening to patients, thoroughly evaluating their condition, and devising effective solutions to improve their breathing. Don’t wait any longer – schedule an appointment today and regain control of your life!

References: iChandra RK, Kern RC, Cutler JL, Welch KC, Russell PT. REMODEL larger cohort with long-term outcomes and meta-analysis of standalone balloon dilation studies. Laryngoscope. July 2015. DOI: 10.1002/lary.25507.

Breathe Free. Live Well.